The best free web conferencing tools

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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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Web Conferencing tools allow you to collaborate with your co-workers and potential clients in real time, share your screens and record your meetings for future references. You need to make sure you adopt a tool which is reliable and easy for all collaborators to use. These tools are very useful for webinars, training projects, technical support or just a group chat. The following are the free services available to conduct online meetings.

a. Zoho Meeting is part of Zoho Corporation’s Office Suite which allows you to conduct meetings or share resources online. It comes with resources such as a desktop plug-in, embedded meeting widget and multi-platform support. It can be used anywhere and provides integration with all Zoho and Google apps. It supports platforms such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It is great for sharing your desktop and collaborating in real time, and supports voice conferencing via telephone or VoIP. The free plan however lacks certain features that are available in the Professional plan mainly pertaining to audience management. Features such as scheduling in advance, customizable invitation and registration, automated follow-up mails, polls and survey, detailed report and 24X7 product support are not available in the free plan. You still have access to all chat features like chat support, co-browsing, break-out sessions and mobile device support. While the free plan allows 2 attendees per meeting, the Professional plan allows a range of 5 to 100 attendees per meeting. Integration services such as API Access and security services such as security access and encrypted communication are also included in the free plan. The Zoho meeting service comes with additional features such as Meeting scheduler, Dial-in Audio, Meeting reminders, Calendar, User Management, etc. The Professional plans come with a free trial of 30 days after which they are paid. The monthly subscription ranges from to $12 and varies based on the number of hosts and participants per meeting.

b. Fuze Meeting is a cloud-based online meeting solution by FuzeBox, a provider of Internet and mobile based unified communications solutions. Its personal telepresence service enables users to share any piece of content from any device from any corner of the world. While the service is free, you can upgrade to a Pro or Premium account for added perks. The free plan provides all chat features that come with the upgraded plans such as co-browsing white board, chat and desktop sharing support. The free plan however does not include audience management features like Schedule in advance, one click meetings, customizable invitations, automated follow-up mails, polls and surveys.


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