Can I add social media buttons on my website that are free of cost?

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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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  • 3 Years ago

Social networking is the modern term for an age-old advertising technique–word-of-mouth–that has endured through the test of time. By adding social networking buttons to your site, you are providing your current audience with a means to provide word-of-mouth advertising to their friends, who will hopefully become your future audience. Share buttons help you to increase your audience by engaging with people who are not on your site, as well as distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms helping to drive traffic to your site.

One way of getting a streamlined row of similarly styled buttons on your pages is using a catchall service like ShareThis or AddToAny. These services will generate a tidy interface — just a few lines of code — for you to place on your site.


1.     AddThis is a popular sharing platform with a huge list of services readers and users can share through. The interface isn’t unpleasant (as many catchall interfaces are), and it can be customized to feature small or large buttons for popular services. Buttons with share counts are also available, although this beta feature isn’t as visually appealing. AddThis easily integrates with most websites including ones powered by WordPress. It allows you to personalize the buttons to show the users which service they use most often. It integrates with over 300 services like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

2.     AddToAny: This is an advanced plugin for integrating social media share buttons which comes with a lot of customization options. It allows you to track your social media sharing using Google Analytics. AddToAny even lets you add 100+ sharing buttons and has plenty of placement options. AddtoAny features a streamlined button. This service’s stats can be rolled into Google Analytics.

3.     ShareThis: ShareThis is one of the most popular sharing tools. It has a large selection of social sites that include Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+, StumbleUpon and more. Many button styles are offered which can be small, single buttons to large icons, and can display the number of times the post has been shared (share counts).

4.     SumoMe: You can use SumoMe apps with any website. They even have a specific WordPress plugin which makes setup extremely easy. Its supports a wide range of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more. It contains a variety of options for placement of share buttons and allows you to significantly control how share counts are displayed.


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