Free on-boarding tools to help users understand your product

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Prashant Kumar Raghubansi
Prashant Kumar Raghubansi
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Onboarding is a process of orienting and familiarizing your first-time user with the environment, giving basic essential directions and increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product or service. User onboarding is important to growth because it helps convert new users into active and engaged users of the product. These tools help you better explain the functionality of your website or application. They can be used to develop a step by step wizard/guide to let the user know about the key features of your application and how to use them. They can be configured to show to users the first time they visit a website or a page and improve the user on-boarding experience.


The three primary goals in building a great onboarding flow are:

a)    Takes care of one-time setup: For example, on Twitter, this is uploading a profile picture, entering a description, etc. This process should be painless – and better yet, fun or engaging.

b)    Generates excitement about using the product in the future. Even if people get fully setup, you have to leave them excited enough to come back. This is one place Instagram excels – it immediately shows me beautiful pictures that make me want to take my own.

c)     Teaches the user how to use the product – by doing, not by words. Google’s introduction to MapsGL is a great example. Switch into MapsGL and you get a tutorial walkthrough that guides you through viewing historical landmarks around the world.


Some of the best tools to develop step-by-step tutorials that are used by Start-ups and companies are:


1.     Walkme: Walkme simplifies the online user experience. It directly guides, engages and drives your users to action, enhancing the online User Experience. How does your first time user get everything at once? All your fancy features and endless use scenarios might overwhelm them and leave them frustrated with your product. WalkMe lets you add a step-by-step walk-thru to your website or app. All you have to do is write your instructions for each step and you’ve just setup an awesome new onboarding process. All WalkMe servers, databases, and storage are located in a top tier and secure cloud network. WalkMe includes three modules:

a)    WalkMe Editor: The back-end where your WalkMe admin will create, edit, and publish WalkMe Apps

b)    WalkMe Player: The front-end where your users will access WalkMe Apps

c)     WalkMe Analytics: A powerful tool for making sense of how your end-users are experiencing your WalkMe Apps

Devices Supported: Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App Supported Countries: Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States.

Pricing: Free to Custom plans


2.     Iridize: Iridize provides a feature-rich and fully-customizable walk-thru service that includes a welcome screen, auto-start and rich media capabilities, and branched walk-thrus. Iridize’s walk-thrus include a variety of usage rules that enable clients to control when different types of users will be shown the walk-thrus.

In it’s free plan, it provides up to 100 users, 5 guides, Inapp alerts, fullscreen takeover and step-by-step guides. The professional plan comes with a 30 days trial.


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