How can I use Lets Encrypt Certificates on a Windows Server?

Looking for the best way to set up free SSL certificates for Windows IIS.
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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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The easiest tool to create and install SSL certificates for Windows is LetsEncrypt-Win-Simple. First, you need to download the latest version (zip file) from here and extract it to the directory on your Windows server. After extracting it, run the letsencrypt.exe as an administrator.
  1. It will open a command screen and ask you for an e-mail address to enter (if renewal fails).
  2. Enter Y to agree with the T&C.
  3. Next, it will scan IIS site bindings for hosts on your server and ask you to select the host you seek the certificate for.
  4. Once you hit enter. You have successfully installed the certificate in the certificate store and an HTTPS binding is now added to the IIS website. Just to double check, you can open the IIS and you should see a new binding with a brand new certificate.
  5. However, if the screen got closed automatically that means it didn’t work properly mostly because of the ordering of modules in the IIS website. You can try to reorder the modules and run it again.

Here are some video tutorial that you may find helpful.

How to Install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate 1

How to Install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate 2


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