How much does Optimizely Cost?

Optimizely seems to be the most popular A/B Testing software. However they do not specify pricing on their website. Do you know how much they charge - a rough range would be useful.
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Rubin Sabharwal
Rubin Sabharwal
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  • 2 Years ago

Optimizely stopped disclosing their pricing publicly in 2014 and since then can only be availed "On Request". Since the prices are quoted by their Sales agents, they might differ from customer to customer especially for the high volume Enterprise customers.

To get an approximate idea of their pricing structure, Convert (who is a competitor of Optimizely) has published Quotes they have received from the Optimizely team that you can see in detail here.

As per their report the costs are:

  • Optimizely Standard - $49/Month for 1000 Visitors
  • Optimizely Enterprise - $2500 - $3000/Month for about 200,000 Visitors

Ps- Convert being a competitor I would recommend you use Analyzos Unbiased comparison.


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