Why is time tracking so important to any business? How can TMetric help a business save time as well as money?

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Jordan Sanders
Jordan Sanders
  • Answer written
  • 1 Year ago

Time tracking is a must-have for any business. If you add time entries manually, it takes you 15 minutes on average per every working day. It means you lose 66 hours per year! Recover this time with TMetric and get access to a time-management solution that works 24/7.

With TMetric`s functionality, you can monitor the work performance of every employee, track assigned tasks and get information about the cost rate of each employee or contractor to calculate salaries with a few clicks.

Using TMetric you can

  • Manage time of any team in any part of the world
  • Monitor your team performance
  • Create time reports for teams
  • Integrate with the tools your team uses


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