How can SuperSaaS help organizations perform more efficiently? What are the key features that differentiate it from other online appointment scheduling tools?

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Sneha Mittal
Sneha Mittal
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  • 1 Year ago

SuperSaaS in an online appointment scheduling tool which automates your daily work and helps you stay efficient each day. SuperSaaS gives you better control over your schedule with it’s flexible and customizable options. Experience a productive, more organized day with SuperSaaS online appointment scheduling. Some of the key features which make SuperSaaS unique are listed below:

  1. We Grow with your Business: You can start small with SuperSaaS and upgrade your package when your business grows. SuperSaaS works well with businesses of all sizes. So you don’t have to worry about losing your data or switching to another software when you grow.

  1. Track your Performance and Reduce admin work: Maintain your user records online, and download reports. SuperSaaS allows you to integrate your schedule with Google Analytics to get more insights about your users.

  1. Customize your Layout: You can add your logo, customize the layout to match your brand colors and experiment with different schedule views. You can also redirect your users to your website after completing the bookings.

  1. Access Control: You can control the access of your schedule and limit it to specific IP addresses, certain email addresses or allow anyone/everyone to access your schedule. You can also add superusers to each schedule with limited access to specific schedules.

  1. Create User Groups: Work with multiple schedules easily by creating user groups. Limit access of each user to specific schedules and allow them to see only the schedules which they have access to.

  1. Payment Processing: You can accept online payments or create your own credit system. SuperSaaS allows you to create your own products. Set up your own promotional offers like “Buy 1 Get 1”, “Buy 2 Get 3”, “Buy 5 Pay for 3” and so on. Up-sell or cross-sell packages to encourage more bookings with SuperSaaS or create coupons & gift cards for your users. It is possible to achieve this with SuperSaaS.

  1. Integrate Multiple Schedules: Set up individual schedules for all your resources and integrate them together in a single schedule. For example, if you own a beauty salon and you have 5 staff members employed at your salon, you can simply create an individual schedule for each of your staff members and then integrate it into a single schedule to allow your users to book an appointment with you for particular services (each service can be dependent on multiple people, or can only depend on a single person).

  1. Add Custom Form: You can create your own custom forms to collect more information from your users instead of the standard fields. You can also use the form by itself and integrate into your website, for example, adding a contact form to your website.

  1. Approved Appointments: Allow the system to automatically send confirmations to your users, or pre-approve each booking as an admin. You can customize how you want the process of your scheduling system to look like.

  1. Customize Messages & Notifications: You can easily customize all your messages and notifications to address users by their name, to share their credit level or payment details. The system allows you to customize every little detail of your scheduling.

  1. Place Limits on Bookings: You can also limit how far in advance can the users book on your schedule. Do you want to allow bookings only a few hours prior to the appointment time, then configure the system to restrict advance bookings to that particular time. You can also configure the system to only allow a specific number of bookings per user per week, per month, per day, etc.

  1. Start-Time Constraints: You can set the start-time constraints and round off the end time of each appointment to the nearest minute/hour/day. This works well for BNB booking users who want to round off the end-time to the nearest day to ensure the booking ends at the right time.


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