Why is load balancing important?

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George Harrison
George Harrison
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  • 1 Year ago

Load balancing is one of the most important tools available to a user in the computing environment. A load balancer is a gadget that spreads network or application traffic over different servers. This helps take the strain – or the load – off of specific servers. This implies the servers don't get exhausted, which thus improves application performance over the long haul. 

Load balancing can be executed by utilizing hardware, software or both. This is an imperative point to note in light of the fact that as network functions virtualization and cloud-based technologies turn out to be more well known and IT foundation moves more into the domain of software, load balancing arrangements – like the application delivery controllers which are as yet going to be an essential part of the IT environment. All things considered, functionalities like application routing and virtualized application services wouldn't be conceivable without a solid establishment of fundamental load balancing technology.


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