How much does Zuora cost?

I cant find their pricing anywhere on their website. What does a service like Zuora cost per transaction and how does it compare to Chargebee?

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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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Zuora offers 30-days free trail that allows businesses to customize product and rate plans, provide accounting applications and automated revenue recognition. Post this free trail period, businesses can define one-time or recurring billing periods (they also offer usage based pricing models as well).

As per the pricing is concerned, Zuora doesnt generalize their pricing and make it available to public. Zuoras sales representative team is known to be really helpful and support their customers. One of answers given by the Zuora team about the pricing is as follows: "Our Pricing Model is tiered, where you are given a fixed invoice amount with an average fee. This way you know what you are paying for Zuora in year 1, 3 & 5 instead of a "per invoice/ transaction" which would cut into your margins."

Also, if youre looking for other subscription billing and payment solution which keeps their pricing and fees model transparent, you can try ChargeBee and Chargify.

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