Can I import jobs from other websites with JobBoardio

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George Harrison
George Harrison
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  • 2 Years ago

With you can import jobs from 3rd party XML job feeds without any code. can pull job content from several third party XML feeds and automatically post them to your job board on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This runs at 3AM EST each day, ensuring your Job Board always has the latest jobs.

The Auto Import Jobs feature has a powerful feeds mapping feature, allowing you to map content feed specific attributes to specific fields on your job board, consolidating them into 1 consistent format. This means works with virtually any XML job source.

The end result of intelligent mapping from available feed attributes results is a full, comprehensive feed of job content to provide your end users with valuable content and to drive your SEO.

How to setup automatic XML jobs feed?

  1. Click Auto Import Jobs in the left sidebar
  2. Click 'Create New Feed'
  3. Type a name for your feed, enter the feed URL and select the appropriate options for frequency and whether the jobs require your approval before posting. Follow the table below if the tags are different from the defaults in your XML source. For example, is <title> called <job_title>? If so, you'll need to enter 'job_title' in the 'Title' field.
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Preview - you'll see an example of what data was automatically retrieved.
  6. To add another feed, click 'Create New Feed'
  7. You may assign this feed of jobs to a specific employer by entering the employer name in the 'Employer' field.


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