Can I import jobs from other websites with SmartJobBoard

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Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini
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  • 2 Years ago

Importing jobs is useful if you migrate to Smartjobboard from other job boards. For that purpose, Smartjobboard offers a simple tool to make job import a breeze.

Under Job Board > Job Postings you can import jobs in csv or excel format. If you have your file ready, choose the product to assign to imported products, select the status and specify the activation date. Activation date sets the posting date of the imported jobs.

Next, browse the file > choose the file type, finally, specify the fields’ delimiter, and encoding if you’re uploading it in a csv format. Once finish click Import button.

To get a sample job import file navigate to Job Board > Job Postings > click Export Jobs button. The exported file will be in the exact same format you’ll need your job import file to be.

In order to connect a job listing with a specific user, make sure this user is already exists in your Smartjobboard website.


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