Does PowerReviews support visual reviews

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Phil Hanneman
Phil Hanneman
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  • 1 Year ago

PowerReviews helps you easily collect and display impactful pieces of visual content to increase engagement and conversion on brand and retailer sites.

The PowerReviews Image Gallery allows brands and retailers to showcase consumer images in an engaging gallery directly on the product page. The Image Gallery increases the visibility of visual content, leading to higher engagement on product pages and a greater conversion rate.

PowerReviews offers native video collection and display capabilities, allowing consumers to submit and view product review videos directly on retailer and brand sites from their mobile devices. This allows consumers to submit this visual content directly on a brand or retailer site, rather than through YouTube or other third-party sites, which in turn helps you generate more video content and keep shoppers on your website.

Once you’ve generated visual content such as photos and videos, leverage that content on other parts of your website. Visual content can enhance your homepage, category pages and campaign-specific landing pages. Visual content can add impact to other marketing initiatives as well, like email, display, social and print advertising campaigns.


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