How is different from its competitors?

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Bruce Stone
Bruce Stone
  • Answer written
  • 2 Years ago

Populr lets you build POPs that don’t require upkeep, are highly targeted to the viewer, and let you create & share a single message over and over.

Populr empowers the non-designers & non-technical people to create POPs that match your brand, yet are easy for them to create with things like drag & drop and editing directly on the POP. Moreover, the POPs aren’t attached to your main website – giving you the freedom to create as many as needed to accomplish your business goals without the risk of polluting your website.

Populr is the easiest & fastest way to create a high-impact message that is targeted to your audience. You can make a beautiful POP that showcases your message through text, maps, videos, photos, backgrounds, images, forms, video, and even embeds from other services.


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