What WYSIWYG Editors support direct image uploading?

I am looking for an editor that works well with images. I want to integrate the editor in a discussion form, and want to let users upload images from their desktop to our server or a CDN. Most editors I looked at did not have this functionality. What editor can I use for this?

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Vaibhav Bakshi
Vaibhav Bakshi
  • Answer written
  • 4 Years ago
Ckeditor, Tinymce, and Summernote all support direct image uploading from clients desktop to your servers. Summernote even supports drag and drop which makes it easier to use than others.

All these products are free of cost. However, Tinymce does offer a paid plan that offers additional features like Spell Check, Language Detection, and 24x7 support. You may see the comparison between these products here http://www.analyzo.com/compare/174/16,5,2,3,


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