What is Review Assistant? Which are the different customer segments that use it?

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Oksana Nazarenko
Oksana Nazarenko
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  • 1 Year ago

Review Assistant is a simple code review plug-in for Visual Studio IDE.

The plug-in is designed for developers who write and review code in a Visual Studio IDE. Most developers do not like to switch between their IDE and other tools while working on a code. Knowing this, we have integrated the code review process into the development environment as far as possible. Now, developers can create review comments directly from the code editor.

Customers of Review Assistant use the time as efficiently as possible. That's why Review Assistant supports threaded comments, so team members can discuss code without scheduled meetings.

The tool provides with a feature for agile teams. Team members can create reviews without specifying reviewers and it makes possible creating "hanging" reviews, which any team member can pick up.


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