What is unique about Smartsheet and why do you think companies should use it?

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Jake Bill
Jake Bill
  • Answer written
  • 1 Year ago
  • Smartsheet is powerful enough for your business to take it as far as you could imagine. With a spreadsheet-driven interface, working in Smartsheet tool just feels natural.
  • Smartsheet is an intuitive project management tool that allows teams to boost productivity using collaboration, cloud, and mobile technologies.
  • With Smartsheet's centralized, always-available platform, you will work smarter, and not harder.
  • Smartsheet can handle any kind of work, ranging from basic task lists to complicated processes. It lets you attach files, automate workflows, set alerts, view Gantt charts, among others.
  • Smartsheet gives your business security, controls, and integrations that exceed corporate requirements.
  • Smartsheet is fairly easy to navigate and your business can organize all of your work sheets with the use of folders or workspaces. You can also customize the look of your platform with colors and a logo.


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