What is Woopra? Which are the different customer segments that use it?

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Hiral Jasani
Hiral Jasani
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  • 1 Year ago

Woopra is a customer journey analytics platform that unifies all your customer data in one place. With Woopra, users can analyze customer behaviors on their website and mobile app to engage their customers across every touch-point. 

Woopra is used by both enterprise and SMBs, mainly across SaaS, eCommerce, travel & hospitality, automotive and on-demand services. Woopra is used by a number of end-user personas including product managers, developers, marketers, sales and customer success teams.

Companies use Woopra to answer questions such as what product features drove the most traffic, where do you lose most customers in your on-boarding process and which customer segments engage the most with your brand. 


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