What is unique about Woopra and why do you think companies should use it?

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Hiral Jasani
Hiral Jasani
  • Answer written
  • 1 Year ago

What sets Woopra apart is that it enables users to identify how specific events are impacting customer behavior in real-time. With Woopra, you can bring in data from any source and start tracking user events with a fully customizable schema. Woopra also lets you compare cohorts based on any combination of behaviors in a highly intuitive user interface.

Companies that are looking at identifying their end-to-end customer journey and interacting with the data to compare internal and external attributions, conversions, retention and engagements should definitely take Woopra for a spin. Users can zoom in to a detailed profile of each and every customer impacting their analyses. Woopra has an unlimited freemium model that lets you try out all these powerful features. 


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