Who are the target customers of Moz Pro and why should they use it?

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Tyler Taggart
Tyler Taggart
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  • 1 Year ago

Hi, I am a Community Manager at Moz and I'd love to lean in on this question. Anyone who has a website can benefit from Moz Pro. Moz Pro offers the complete SEO toolset to help your business or website improve rankings and search engine visibility. I will list a few other ways users can benefit from Moz Pro.

Agency users might be interested in tools for quick analysis and audits for prospective clients/proposals. Moz Pro helps them prove value by providing polished reports to clients with minimal effort as well as helping you manage your team's work and workflow across the agency. Also, if you are working on multiple sites and you are needing more breadth of data vs depth. Moz Pro can be of service.

In-house users will be able to monitor the health of their SEO and be able to show the value of their work. Also, it will help those who are pressed for time by avoiding the inefficiency of having to learn and use too many tools at once.

In brief summary, Moz Pro can be used by all to save time in SEO reporting and giving data and context to help surface and prioritize your work (allowing you the time to focus on what's important). Moz Pro gives you trustworthy data allowing you to find problems and opportunities quickly. In addition, you will have access to all the educational content and advice you would ever need to help your customers do their jobs better and bring others up to speed.

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