What is Zoho Meeting? Tell us more about the different customer segments that use Zoho Meeting?

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Bruce Stone
Bruce Stone
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  • 1 Year ago

Zoho Meeting is a powerful communications tool that allows you to cut travel costs and conduct online meetings more efficiently. Zoho Meeting is ideal for companies having multiple teams in different places as it allows them to collaborate in real time and work closely together. Zoho Meeting allows you to share your desktop and conduct in-person meeting with customers with its integrated audio conferencing. You can even transfer control to customers during product presentations.

Key features:

  • Logging in into Zoho Meeting straight from your desktop
  • Embedding Zoho Meeting in your website to reach a wider audience
  • Rebranding Zoho Meeting with your own color scheme and logo

Zoho Meeting works with with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, even in simultaneous access.


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