What is ImgIX? Tell us more about the different customer segments that use your product?

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Thomas Dale
Thomas Dale
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  • 2 Years ago

imgix is an image processing and delivery service that provides a flexible, high-performance solution to the problem of serving images on the modern internet. With imgix, users don't need to create any complex infrastructure to support responsive images. Users can simply connect their images to imgix from wherever they reside (S3, GCS, web folder, proxy) and access them at the domain – imgix provides one or you can cname. With imgix, users have the ability to make art direction decisions in late stages of project development with the non–destructive pipeline. The company also provides users with a full suite of color adjustment, enhancement, stylization, masking, image compositing operations to apply to the user's imagery.

Some of the most common customer segments we see include News Media, Social Media, eCommerce, image curation, dating websites, and real estate.  

  1. News Media: It is common for these customers to use imgix to speed up the load time of their images.  They find that faster loading images and web pages often lead to consumers reading more articles / viewing more pages.  Advanced users will use our focal point cropping tools to build into their CMS so that they can empower the editorial team to be able to easily crop images for desktop and mobile views.
  2. Social Media: It can be extremely hard to handle User Generated Content (UGC) from users uploading images.  imgix easily ingests various formats of images and displays them correct at the same size to make these UGC images look great.  It can be very common that users will take a screenshot on their computer of an image and upload it to a site.  Screenshots are PNGs, aka, very heavy.  imgix can intelligently determine if an image has any transparent pixels, if it does not then we will automatically change that image to a progressive jpeg.
  3. eCommerce: These customers need their images to be fast otherwise they will abandon their shopping carts and shop somewhere else.  But it's important to not compress images so much that you sacrifice visual quality of an amazing looking product. imgix helps by finding ways to optimize and speed up images without sacrificing visual quality.  This is the best of both worlds for eComm, speed and quality!
  4. image curation: This group can be similar to eCommerce, but they need imgix to respect the uttermost beauty and quality of an artist's image when viewed full screen.  The flexibility of imgix's API allows these customers to make artistic changes and serve faster images during an image search, but serve an amazing high quality image when it is selected and viewed.
  5. Dating Websites: Looks aren't everything, but you certainly don't want a bad quality image to be the reason someone passed over your profile.  Quality and performance are important to these customers.  It is also important to provide great face cropping abilities and the ability to perform alternate crops if a face is not correctly detected.
  6. Real Estate: Similar to the image curation industry, smaller images of homes in a search need to be extremely fast, but when you are looking at the primary profile of a home you want a great looking image.  We also offer cropping based on edges/entropy in an image, to help ensure that the right portion of a home is shown in different sized images.  You may also have real estate agents from different companies submitting an array of different images to your site, imgix helps to format and size these images so they all will look cohesive on the site.


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