What is unique about GoToMeeting and why do you think companies should use your product?

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Bonnie Williams
Bonnie Williams
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  • 1 Year ago

GoToMeeting is a great online video and web conferencing tool which gives users that simplicity and functionality many other similar systems offer but an affordable price.

With GoToMeeting, you can easily create a meeting and then provide participants with a custom URL for them to enter the online conference room. GoToMeeting gives users that extra versatility by giving them a way of being able to join meetings using their tablets and smartphones. GoToMeeting works seamlessly with PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS devices.

GoToMeeting offers multi-national toll free numbers making it an application perfect for gathering and conferencing with international participants. PIN-based entry makes sure that only users with access to pin can join a conference, something that is not offered by many similar platforms.


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