What is Wrike and how can it help your business?

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Irene Matveeva
Irene Matveeva
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  • 1 Year ago

Wrike is a full featured work management solution that helps 14K customers manage their work more efficiently. Wrike is a perfect fit for those who need to manage multiple complex projects, cross-functional or distributed teams, and different processes. In Wrike, you can organize all your tasks, files and discussions in he central place while providing the selective access to the most critical data. With custom fields, workflows and groups you can set up the work processes that exactly fits your team's work style and project goals. Interactive Timeline, Reports and Dashboards help you get the bird's-eye view of the work progress and track the most important metrics without spending hours on manual data collecting. Wrike offers several subscription levels depending on the features you need and the budget you have with 14 days of free trial available.


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