How is Clarizen different from its competitors?

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George Harrison
George Harrison
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  • 1 Year ago

Clarizen has a multitude of characteristics and particularities that give it advantage over its competitors. Clarizen is is meant to serve both operational and functional managers, and to improve their performance communication to a level which would ensure detailed and accurate planning of each project before it has been rolled out.

One of the key features of Clarizen is its accurate methodology, meaning that a company gets to kick off a project even before completing the plan, and to switch back particular portions to their draft versions so that it could re-plan them. It means that each project/task gets its own flexible baseline that can respond to real-time anomalies. For instance, when an employee goes out of work and puts a project on hold, the very same thing will happen in the system.

Clarizen is a great tool which enables non-project managers and teams to participate in advanced project management phases, due to its original differentiation, user-friendly interface, and moderate pricing.


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