About Us

We at Analyzo want to help technology buyers choose the best solutions for their requirements. We feel the current approach to buying online software and services is broken, and only companies like us who are unbiased about their research can effectively help our users.

The Problem

The current system of finding online tools is broken. The software listing services list any company regardless of their credibility for financial incentives. The review services tend to have biased reviews because of the cash incentives given for writing them. The bloggers are usually motivated for affiliate marketing revenue.

The Solution

Analyzo is a very powerful research engine that does its own research and we only list the market leaders in their respective categories. We feel this is the best way to serve the majority of our users as we are not motivated by any financial incentives from the companies. We give equal priority to every product whether or not we have a business relationship with that particular company. We are also the only platform on the web that lets users compare products even across their respective plans to help you make the ideal choice.

Help us get better

We are always looking for feedback from our users about how we can make our research better. If you do in the rare instance find that your favorite product is not listed in its category, its probably because it has limited market penetration, or has not passed our research test to be considered adequate. Still if you feel it must be there, please do drop us a mail and we will consider it again. All the best from the Analyzo team, and happy choosing!


How does Analyzo curate its categories? It’s a combination of surveying industry professionals and web entrepreneurs coupled with internet research and user feedback. Our analysts then determine the most important features that users may look for while searching for a product or service, and further narrow down the list of products. This allows users to choose the perfect product and plan from the best available products in that particular category.

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