Top Website Uptime Monotring

Website uptime monitoring services alert you either by email or SMS immediately in the case of downtime. These tools run in the background and depending on your choice, can check the status of your website every 1 minute to 1 hour. Analyzo has listed the best Website Uptime Monitoring services for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Top Website Uptime Monotring

Price : Free-$20/Month

Siteuptime's free uptime monitoring service offers you to monitor one website for free. The monitoring interval for the free account is 30 to 60 seconds. It also provides a paid plan for access to more advanced features.
Price : Free is a free uptime monitoring service that is customizable and has a few useful features. Apart from monitoring your website's uptime, it even lets you monitor your network and server performance and page load time.

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Price : $13.95/Month-$454/Month

Pingdom is an uptime monitoring service that offers a free 1-month trial and subscriptions from $14 per month. It's paid plan offers a lot of advanced features like transaction monitoring, real user monitoring and more.

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Price : $4.50/Month-$89.10/Month

Site24x7 is a free uptime monitoring web service which lets you monitor five basic websites from one location. As per the free plan monitoring is done every 10 minutes. It requires you to upgrade to a paid plan to access the advanced features.

Uptime Robot
Price : Free-$4.5/Month

This is a free uptime monitoring service with which you can monitor up to 50 websites. It checks the website's header and gets status codes every five minutes. If the status code is anything other than 200-ok or 404-not found and the site is not loading, then it diagnoses the site for 30 seconds more. If the alert still persists, Uptime Robot sends an alert so that the issue can be solved as soon as possible.

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