Best Mapping APIs

Mapping APIs typically include classes for maps and layers so that you can easily create new map and layer objects, rather than focussing on writing the low-level code for displaying interactive map images and drawing layers on them. The API makes it easy for you to focus on the mapping aspects of your application by abstracting the complexity of the tasks, rather than spending time on the low-level logistics. They are designed to be lightweight, mobile-friendly, and offer an extensive collection of samples and documents to help you easily get started with them. Analyzo has listed the best Mapping APIs that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Mapping Apis

Google Maps
Price : Starts from $0

Google Maps is still the undisputed king when it comes to mapping technology. It provides detailed api documentations, code samples, SDKs and other digital mapping tools. Google is continuously adding new features in Google Maps which ensures that all the features and functionalities remain up to date.

Price : Free

OpenLayers has a popular mapping library largely due to its open source license and the ability to pull tiles from other mapping platforms. A large selection of live demos is available in the gallery of openlayer’s website, and quite a few code samples are available on GitHub.  

Price : Starts from $0

The Microsoft Bing Maps contain new Streetside cities and high-resolution aerial imagery, as well as new 3-D cities. There is an AJAX Interactive SDK that provides feature samples and code snippets for developers building JavaScript applications.

Price : Free-Custom

MapQuest provides a JavaScript Maps API, a suite of Open Web Services, open Leaflet plug-ins and more. A well-designed documentation, a map builder, a static map wizard, a route planner and other developer tools are some of its main features.

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