Top Website Monitoring Tools

Website monitoring tools are tools which allow the user to test and verify how their end-users can interact with their website. The tools provide users with some features like ensuring website uptime, performance, and functionality is as expected for their businesses. It helps users to monitor their websites and servers. These are not location specific and so can be used to monitor from anywhere across the globe. Analyzo has listed the leading Website Monitoring Tools that you can integrate on your website. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies.

Top Website Monitoring Tools

Price : $117/Month

Monitis is anall-in-one application monitoring platform that monitors websites, servers and applications. It displays real-time views, interactive charts and detailed reports. It offers variety of free tools such as instant website check, instant ping, visual trace route, page load speed and network calculators.
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Price : $8 - $16/Month for Server Monitoring, $5/Month/Web App Monitoring, $0.08/Month/Custom Metric

CopperEgg is a non-stop, high resolution website monitoring tool that tracks website performance in real-time and shows potential website and web app issues before user experiences it. It measures website performance metrics which also includes application response time, uptime and website health.
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Price : $14.95 - $495/Month

Pingdom is an easy-to-use website monitoring tool that provides real time monitoring and transaction monitoring. There are over 60 probe servers spread across the globe for website monitoring and testing. To screen out the false alerts Pingdom double-checks the issue and tests websites every other minute.
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Price : $5 - $499/Month

Site24x7 is a website monitoring tool that monitors performance and availability of websites from multiple locations globally. It has established over 50 test servers and provides 300 monitors that are able to monitor over internet, intranet, wifi and 3G/4G networks.
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Price :

Up.Time is a complete web based monitoring tool for website, application, server, network and much more. It has a highly customizable, scalable and unified dashboard for viewing overall performance measures. This tool gives in-depth graphical reports for each metric and the services user monitors.
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Price : Free is a free cloud based website monitoring tool that provides all-in-one monitoring with total visibility of the web and cloud systems. It has single dashboard for monitoring website and complete IT infrastructure from the cloud. It is capable of monitoring website uptime, response time, server life ,etc.
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