Best Forum Software

Forum software are the web applications used to run online Forums. Forum software systems allow visitors to communicate with each other by posting messages. Most forums allow anonymous visitors to view forum postings, but require you to create an account in order to post messages in the forum. When posting in a forum, you can create new topics (or "threads") or post replies within existing threads.

Best Forum Software

Vanilla Forums
Price : $299/Month-Custom

Vanilla Forums is a forum software based on queues of messages. It provides a modern community platform to organizations who want to improve customer service, increase advocacy, strengthen brand loyalty or just encourage discussion between their community.
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Price : Pay-As-You-Go

PlushForums is a cloud-based community forum platform which aims at businesses and other organisations. Some of it's main features are the user experience, real-time discussions, active mobile support etc.

Price : Free

Flarum is free, open-source forum software which focuses on simplicity. The users can use Flarum to easily set up a discussion forum for their website. The user interface is streamlined so the users can spend less time clicking and more time talking.

Sparklit ActiveBoard
Price : $6.40/Month-$99.50/Month

Sparklit ActiveBoard is a team of web design professionals building apps likes Activeboard Forums, Adbutler Adserving and more. Activeboard has a lot of styles to choose from. They host the forum for the users and the users don't require any technical expertise to run the forum.

Price : $100/Month-On Request

Discourse is an open-source discussion software which is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. It can add a social element to discussion and information sharing among the user's visitors.
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Invision Power
Price : $30/Month-$590/Month

The Invision Power Software Community Suite is a flexible, integrated set of apps for building great communities on the web. The IPS Community Suite is highly configurable - site owners and administrators can set it up precisely according to their needs.

Price : $100/Month-$750/Month

NodeBB is a next-generation discussion platform that utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. NodeBB forum has many features such as social network integration and streaming discussions.
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Price : Starting from Free

Muut is an internet discussion forum and commenting tool. It’s a modern, fast and scalable discussion platform that the users can embed onto their website, and personalize with css to match the design of their website.

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