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Invision allows you to create a realistic experience of interactions between your sketches and layouts. Its rapid prototyping environment lets you quickly link UX/UI sketches, digital wireframes and even high-fidelity designs to test how your mobile app works and share with the rest of your team. Using hotspots to click around the screens, you can create a realistic experience of the interactions. You can leave comments and feedback on each project, either public or private, and mark each discussion read or complete once it's been viewed and dealt with. For iOS it can even include a custom home screen and custom loading screen.


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UXPin is a quick and easy tool for creating mockups and on-line clickable prototypes. It offers a full toolkit of good user design patterns and elements to build a great design from the ground up. With the help of responsive breakpoints, it allows you to create responsive prototypes and wireframes that work on most devices and resolutions. It features version control and iterations with easily shareable previews, intuitive commenting and real-time collaborative editing and chat. It boasts a huge library of attractive user interface elements styled for the web, iOS, Android and more, with a quick, responsive drag and drop interface.

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Fluid is a web based app that allows interactive wireframes and prototypes for all major platform. It features a drag and drop interface basting gestures, mobile animations and transitions with visual linking for testing and demos. With over 1,700 ready-made wireframe and phone UI elements, which are updated often, there is a vast number of resources to get started quickly. It allows you to export as images, PDF and even an HTML5 preview.

POP lets you convert your hand drawn wireframes into click through prototypes. You can take pictures of your wireframe and add clickable hotspots to each image. It’s as easy as that to quickly validate a design in front of potential users. Ideally POP is used for evaluating a particular idea or a very simple interface and not meant for very large or complex interactions.

$24/Month-$160/Month helps deploy fully interactive mobile app prototypes and simulations that resemble finished products. Its a web based application which features three main interfaces: dashboard, editor and the player. The dashboard is the interface where you manage projects. The editor is the building environment that comes with a set of tools to design and develop the prototypes and build interactions. The player is used for viewing and interacting with the prototype and offers tools for annotating and leaving feedback. You can easily test these prototypes on most mobile devices.



Justinmind allows you to create rich, interactive web and mobile wireframes. Justinmind includes iPhone, Android and iPad gestures such as swipe, tap-and-hold, pinch and rotate, which can be included in your mobile wireframe to create a fully interactive prototype. It also has a "simulate" feature: If you change your wireframe, Justinmind will simulate your application prototype instantly.
You can group customized widgets into libraries and run them on most major mobile platforms.

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Balsamiq allows you to generate ideas quickly by reproducing the experience of sketching on a whiteboard. This allows easy sharing, collaboration and feedback.  With over 75 built-in interface components and 187 icons, plus a host of community generated components, there is an abundance of ready-to-use objects and elements. You can share and present your mockups or utilize "linking," which lets you generate click-through prototypes for demos and usability testing.

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