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JQuery Table Plugins



Ipgrid is a fully fledged native jQuery spreadsheet plugin, designed to look and feel like Google sheets. 


It is an easy to use table generation JQuery UI Plugin.Tabulator allows the users to create a table from any JSON formatted data.

It is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows table markup to become fully responsive. It provides a clean list view via devices with small screens. It can work for multiple tables on a single page, as well as with tables that contain various combinations of merged cells.



It is a JQuery plugin which is compatible with DataTables.

Bootstrap Data Table is a jquery plugin that allows the users to sort, paginate and search for tables.

jQuery floatThead is a floating/locked/sticky/fixed table header plugin that requires no special CSS and supports window and overflow scrolling.

It is a 2kb jQuery plugin for tables in responsive designs.

jQuery scroll indicator is a fade effect and arrows for responsive tables and iframes.


It is a jQuery plugin that let the users display nested grid.



It is a jQuery plugin that converts JSON data into searchable, sortable, HTML tables.


This small plugin for tables allow the users to sort,search and scroll with fixed header.