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JQuery Progress Bar Plugins

It is a small jQuery plugin that creates a fixed progress indicator based on the user's content and allows linking between them.


It is a lightweight JavaScript library that generates circular graphs in SVG.The circular graphs with the numerical value in the center makes it easy to visualize data. 



Lobibox  is a responsive jQuery notification plugin. Lobibox is divided into two parts Messageboxes and Notifications.


Material Progress is a Google Material Design Progress linear bar. It uses CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript.

It is a simple jQuery plugin that helps the users to display a progress bar at the top of the page that fills up as the user scrolls.

It is a jQuery plug-in for dynamically rendering a pie or circle diagram comparable to a progress bar, depicting a progress, countdown, percent value or more.

PieProgress  is a jQuery plugin that animate the pie progress.

It is a jQuery Plugin that helps the users to visualize reading progress.