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Email Layout Testing Tools



Mailchimp allows you to create targeted campaigns, send back-in-stock messaging, and automate helpful product follow-ups. It helps you to learn what your customers are purchasing and then send them better email. It has an easy drag and drop designer that allows you to create campaigns that match your style. Multi-user accounts and comments inside the editor option will speed up the design process.

Dialect Premailer

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Premailer provides inline CSS automatically each time you send a message. It has an easy, clean, and powerful interface that provides a seamless Email Layout experience. It converts CSS styles to inline attributes while preserving existing inline attributes relative paths to absolute paths, and checks CSS properties against email client capabilities.



EmailonAcid allows you to build, edit, preview, and optimize your email all in one place, and provides instant feedback on your code with real-time previews. It saves and reuses images across all your email templates and organizes your development and testing process. It also provides Snippets, CSS Inliner, and Character Converter.


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Mandrill offers an email infrastructure service as an add-on for MailChimp which allows you to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, or automated transactional emails. You can send emails through SMTP integration or the Mandrill API. They offer both free and paid plans.



Putsmail allows you to send HTML emails for cross-platform testing. It provides a platform for email designers to perform quick tests for their campaigns at zero cost. It provides CSS inlining which is a useful technique for building HTML emails.