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Data Backup Tools

Symantec Backup Exec is an online backup and recovery tool used for Windows, Linux, Mac and various virtualization platforms. It has integrated block-level deduplication and archiving technology. Its intelligent dashboards and wizards provide tracking, monitoring and managing every backup. It has integrated bare-metal disaster recovery which provides virtual to physical recovery and vice-versa. Backup Exec provides you with fast virtual machine snapshots through its integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware’s vStorage APIs for data protection. The AWS Storage Gateway integration helps in migrating existing and new backup jobs to cloud storage. This allows benefits like automation, elasticity and Pay-as-you-Go.

Genie Backup Manager is a data backup and disaster recovery solution for small businesses. It provides users with full, incremental, differential and mirror backup. It has a step-by-step restore wizard for easy recovery. Its AWS integration allows cloud backup along with Amazon's server side encryption (SSE) support. It performs backup without compression to retain backup data in its native form. It provides you with military grade encryption and supports Zip password protection. Genie Backup allows you to create backup with customized plugins and GRunScript capabilities. It can run backups from command line, create a batch or let you manually create scheduled backups with snooze. Its "Swift Restore" feature lets you create exe file to restore your backup on any machine without installing any software. It also allows you to compress your files into zip format and specify compression level.

Shadow Protect

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Shadow Protect is a data backup software that allows you to create backups for physical machines as well as VMs.It allows you to create logic-based locations for backups and perform virtual booting. Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) or Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) images from a backup can be created using its compression and encryption features. It offers 5 tabs in its interface for management view, backup history, disk mapping, backup jobs and wizards. The StorageCraft feature allows the backup jobs to be performed separately and verification of all completed jobs to be done later. It lets you restore access to a database server by mounting a point-in-time backup image. The StorageCraft ImageReady technology automatically runs Chkdsk or other scripts on mounted disks to determine data and application integrity. It can also back up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation using its recovery environment.

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EMC Networker

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EMC Networker is suite of enterprise level data protection software that automates backup across physical and virtual environments. The deduplication of backup data is provided by integrations with EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar solutions. Its "client direct" feature removes its storage node from data path for reducing backup time.For information security, EMC provides with AES encryption, lockbox access control and role-based authorization. It has separate modules for databases & applications, MEDITECH, Microsoft and SAP. Its storage node uses Boost libraries to check unique data before sending it to data domain system. It has a multi-tenancy management that allows selective data access control. It provides integrated support for, Sybase, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Oracle, SAP, Hyper-V and SharePoint applications.

HP Data Protector

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HP Data Protector is a data backup and recovery software that allows backups on-premises, cloud-only, on-premises to cloud-extension, or a hybrid configuration. It can manage up to 1 trillion unique filenames and up to 50k clients. It features bandwidth control to allow users to configure maximum allocated bandwidth for backups. The StoreOnce VSA feature enables federated data deduplication including app source, backup server & physical/virtual target system. It lets virtual machines to be restored as new instances without overwriting. HP provides you with integrated bare metal restore with enhanced automated disaster recovery. It has advanced analytics integration for operational intelligence to utilize backup resources in a better way. With VMware and Hyper-V, it offers hypervisor integration and array snapshot management for virtual apps. Its Backup Navigator provides with reporting, visualization and real-time operational analytics.


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NovaBACKUP is data backup software that saves backup of your digital files as well as system programs and settings. It allows users to perform incremental and differential backups at various frequencies. It lets you carry out a complete system image backup allowing you to store exact copy of your hard drives. It has routine anti-virus scanning system along with 256-bit AES data encryption and password protection. NovaBACKUP allows mailbox-level restore for Microsoft Exchange recovering entire mailboxes including Calendar, notes & Tasks. Its virtual dashboard allows users to manage, monitor, and control their Hyper-V and VMware virtual machine backups. With NovaBACKUP you can launch a variety of functions on customized schedules. It also provides with reports that logs all activities and e-mail alerts for backup notifications.

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Acronis is a data protection solution for backup, disaster recovery, secure file-sharing and data access. Acronis True Image creates a backup containing selected files and folders, or an entire disk or the partitions on it. The backups can be stores onsite or on Acronis cloud service. It also provides bare-metal restore and dissimilar hardware recoveries to any other PC.The default settings create a full backup, followed by incremental backups that back up only files that changed since the full backup. It lets you choose between several levels of data compression and an optional 3rd party virus scanner. Its file filtering lets you exclude certain file types from backup. Acronis also provides you with pre & post run commands which allows you to decide what happens before and after a restore update.It also has customized tool for scheduling backups and automating e-mail alerts for updated backup reports.


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