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HostedCI provides hosted continuos integration for iOS and Mac. They provide a simple admin panel which doesn't make you repeat yourself and parses Xcode projects. HostedCI lets you manage dependencies using CocoaPods thus you get all libraries needed for your project without messing with project build settings and inventing your own way to fetch them.



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CircleCI makes continuous integration and continuous deployment easy by providing development teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy—quickly and consistently—across numerous platforms. Built to address the demanding needs of today's application development environments, CircleCI supports every component of a modern application, including mobile apps (iOS and Android), conventional web applications (built with platforms like Rails and Django), browser-based apps (built with frameworks like AngularJS and Ember), and containerized apps.

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Codeship is a fast and secure hosted Continuous Delivery platform that scales with your needs. It lets you trigger your automated tests on Codeship with a simple push to your repository. In case something goes wrong, Codeship acts as your safety net and notifies you and your team. ParallelCI by Codeship runs your tests in parallel. It lets you configure your project to use up to ten parallel pipelines to gain as much as 10x speed increase for your test suite. 

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Wercker is a continuous delivery platform focusing on changing the way developers build and deploy their applications. Wercker was built in order to make developers' lives easier and enabling them to move fast and make things. It lets you create unique automation pipelines using containers and steps to move faster.