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Ad Serving Platform


On Request

OpenX’s Ad Server is a complete digital advertising solution that lets publishers sell, manage and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats and screens. It’s cloud-based, feature-rich, and it helps publishers optimize monetization, operate efficiently and deliver a great advertizing experience.

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Adglare is a SaaS hosted ad platform for publishers, advertisers and agencies. It’s a Free ad server up to 10 million requests/month. As more than 30% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, Adglare has built an additional WordPress plug-in to easily integrate AdGlare banner ad rotator software into your website.


Custom Pricing-Impressions Based

Epom Ad Server offers 24/7 support, custom development upon request, and helps all new clients with integration of their current business into Epom’s platform. Epom has features such as mass uploads, campaign export/import, and extensive targeting functionality to launch, run, and manage large ad campaigns.

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Adzerk is a management API for deploying campaigns programmatically, providing automated ad serving infrastructure for trafficking direct sales and integrating with demand partners. It has a RESTful Native Advertising API that responds to ad requests with a JSON object, enabling you to integrate any ad unit directly into your CMS or app.



Adbutler helps you simplify your advertising. AdButler helps you measure results and deliver successful campaigns. It lets you organize, target and serve your ads and track ROI, deliver unbiased statistics and much more.